The Best Snow Cone and Soft Serve Places Around Frederick, MD

This summer, we've been trying out a lot of different soft serve and snow cones around Frederick, MD and we want to share our favorites for you to check out too!

This summer, we’ve been trying out a lot of different soft serve and snow cones around Frederick, MD and we want to share our favorites for you to check out too!

Alex’s Snow Cones & Ice Cream


Stop by Alex’s Snow Cones & Ice Cream, and treat yourself to vanilla & chocolate soft serve, flavor burst soft serve, hand dipped ice cream, snow cones, razzles, milkshakes, sundaes, icebergs, hot dogs, coke/pepsi beverages, and so much more!

We personally had a couple of hot dogs, snow cones topped with ice cream, and ice cream cones. The snow cones were loaded with flavor and the hot dogs were delicious. 10/10 would recommend.

Jessica’s Snowballs


Jessica’s Snowballs is a locally owned downtown Mount Airy business that serves classic style snowballs as an essential refreshing summer treat! Don’t let this little shed deter you, Jessica’s has a TON of flavors and options to mix things up. We had a rainbow snow cone topped with marshmallow and were transported to heaven.

Old School Ice Cream


Did you know that they named this Ice Cream Parlor Old School because it used to be an old school house over 100 years ago? They serve soft serve ice cream, flurries, milkshake, and more! If you go, ask about their flavor bursts, we tried cotton candy mixed with vanilla and were pleasantly surprised by the sweet yet not overpowering flavor.

Debbie’s Soft Serve


Debbie’s soft serve in Smithsburg, MD has over 30 flavors of soft serve ice cream, sugar free snow cones, parfaits, sundaes, shakes, ice cream cakes, and novelties (ice cream sandwiches, Buddy bars, Debbie bars, cup cakes). It’s a treat for everyone in the family, even the dog!

Jimmie Cone


Jimmie Cone is a legen-dairy local ice ice cream stand that lives up to its reputation!  A simple soft serve ice cream stand in the heart of Damascus and Mount Airy, they also have a variety of Italian ice. Get yourself a chocolate, vanilla, or twisted cone! Jimmies (sprinkles) are recommended (of course).

Know of a great snow cone or ice cream stand around Frederick, MD that’s not on this list? Send us your recommendations via email at explorefrederickmd@gmail.com. We love checking out new places!  


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