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Taco Bar in Frederick, MD – Food Review

Looking for the most authentic and tasty tacos in Frederick? Taco Bar has all you’ve been craving for!

Looking for the most authentic and tasty tacos in Frederick? Taco Bar has all you’ve been craving for! It’s actually their mission to provide the community with authentic Mexican fast food. They want all of their customers to be involved in an experience that welcomes them to be part of the Mexican culture. 

For our most recent trip, we purchased three steak tacos and we can confirm that these are the absolute best tacos we’ve ever had. There was just so much flavor in these handheld delicacies – some may say it was potentially life changing. Taco Bar loads their tacos with meat which allows you to make two tacos out of one if you want. And, they have lots of extra condiments available for creating your perfect taco! We also got a steak quesadilla during this trip which was phenomenal as well. You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! 

Taco Bar tacos and quesadillas

Fun fact: If you visit Taco Bar on a Tuesday, you can receive three tacos for 20% off! Maybe you should consider treating yourself this next Taco Tuesday…

Taco Bar strives to provide exceptional customer service to help their customers’ experience be a remarkable one and it shows. Their team members always have a helpful attitude, the place is very clean, and the food is fairly priced. They also have accommodating outdoor seating if you’d prefer to sit outside.  

If you’re looking for Mexican cuisine, we highly recommend trying out Taco Bar. From the taste, down to the music they play inside, Taco Bar is a special hidden gem in Frederick, MD! 

Continue scrolling to learn more about their menu choices, hours of operation, and social media handles:

Hours of Operation:

10 AM – 9 PM Every Day 

Visit Taco Bar at 1450 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21702 or at their Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Olney locations.

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Menu: Regular and Vegetarian

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