Fun Facts About Frederick, Maryland

Surely Frederick, Maryland is the one place in the world that you know everything about, right? This list of interesting facts about Frederick might just perk you up and make you think again about that one…

Surely Frederick, Maryland is the one place in the world that you know everything about, right? This list of fun facts about Frederick might just surprise you!

  1. According to The City of Frederick, the town “was ransomed for $200,000 from burning during the war and became a hospital town for the wounded soldiers” from the “Civil War battlegrounds of Monocacy, Antietam and Gettysburg.”
  2. The local economy used to depend highly on the knitting, canning, tanning, and railroad industries. It was also reliant on mining gold, copper, limestone, marble, and iron.
  3. The biggest employer is Fort Detrick, followed by the Frederick County Board of Education, Frederick Health, Frederick County Government, and Wells Fargo.
  4. More than 29,000 businesses in Frederick County employ 10 or fewer people.
  5. Frederick is the state’s largest dairy producer.
  6. Its 40-block historic district, combined with a thriving arts and culture scene, has earned Frederick numerous designations, including the #1 Most Secure Place to Live in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine, the Finest Historic District by Maryland Life Magazine, and a top eight “Small Town Comeback” by CNN.
  7. Frederick’s Community Bridge, which appears to be a charming work of skilled masonry, is actually a complete illusion: a plain concrete bridge painted by hand by artist William Cochran and his assistants to look like an old stone bridge. Using advanced trompe l’oeil (“deceive the eye”) techniques, it took artists approximately four hours to paint each of the 2200 “stones.”
  8. Farmers produce almost $100 million of agricultural products annually, according to the county Chamber of Commerce.
  9. According to the county Chamber of Commerce, the county “is home to a nationally recognized public school system, the site of the state’s first charter school, and three institutions of higher education,” including Frederick Community College, Hood College, and Mount St. Mary’s University.
  10. Frederick County is Maryland’s largest county in size at 664 square miles.

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