Pumpkin Carving: Tips, Tools, and Advice — For Kids and Families

Pumpkin carving is a perfect way to get the entire family in the Halloween spirit! To help ensure a fun and safe pumpkin-carving experience, read up on our tips, tools, and general advice.

Picking out the perfect carving tools and being prepared before you start cutting can make a HUGE difference! We handpicked the following pumpkin carving tips, tools, and advice specifically for kids and families.

Check out the chapters of our guide:

1. Pick a the perfect carving pumpkin

A safe pumpkin-carving experience starts with choosing the right pumpkin. Here’s how to land the perfect one:

  • Look for a pumpkin with smooth, less bumpy skin. A smooth pumpkin is easier for kids to draw on and safer for you to carve.
  • Avoid pumpkins that feel heavy for their size. This can indicate thick walls that could be difficult to carve through.
  • Skip any pumpkins with soft spots, which can indicate rotting.
  • Inspect the pumpkin for any nicks or cuts that may make it vulnerable to infection.
  • Pick a pumpkin with a flat, front surface for carving—that will yield the best results.

2. Pumpkin Tip — Be careful when carving

Follow these easy guidelines and help your younger family members create the perfect pumpkin:

  • Take your time and use controlled motions.
  • Choose a location that is well lit and a work surface that’s sturdy.
  • Keep your carving tools and hands dry — have lots of paper towels nearby!
  • Use age appropriate carving tools and always supervise young children

3. Pumpkin AdviceChoose an easy and traceable design

Check out this list of pumpkin carving templates that you can use and trace!

4. Quick and Easy Clean Up

Place down newspaper or a disposable table cloth under your work area — simply pick up and dispose after! Gather any pumpkin seeds and keep them to roast later.

5. Pumpkin Design — Light Your Pumpkin Up!

Burning candles are a potential fire hazard, skip the danger and invest in a few LED candle lights instead. Place them out on your porch to show off your masterpiece

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